Monday, March 31, 2008

It's that time of year again...

It's getting warm out, and I'm starting to think more & more about spinning with bamboo, organic cotton, and other nice cool summery fibers. I just spun up two bamboo yarns today, with two more in the works - but they'll probably take a while to dry, so they might not get listed for several days.

I either have allergies or am coming down with something. I don't know which yet, so I'm just drinking lots of tea and waiting to see what happens. Yesterday I felt horrible & had no energy, so I got absolutely nothing done. I'm going to try to finish up some custom orders tonight - wish me luck!

I listed some yarns today, but the pictures are a bit gloomy due to the extreme lack of sunlight today. Hopefully I can get some better pictures taken tomorrow!


Berlinswhimsy said...

I only recently found your blog but had to tell you that your spinning is an inspiration! I used to spin quite a bit and then quit and now I'm awaiting a Lendrum and plan to start spinning again. I love that there are these "warm weather" fibers out there to spin now. I can't wait to try them!

folktale fibers said...

Thanks! It's super fun experimenting with non-wool fibers - my favorites right now are bamboo, tencel, and organic cotton. They're a bit tricky when you're first starting, but totally worth it!