Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh yeah!

I always forget to update this thing! And it doesn't help that I really want to put together some thoughtful, useful posts with tutorials and other interesting things, but I have no time so I end up posting whatever.

What have I been doing the past week? I'm...not exactly sure. Hah! Well, I know SOME things I did. I spun up some amazing tailspun yarn:



from some pretty dark grey mohair. I'm in love! It feels soooo nice. I have a project in mind for this one.

I also did some natural dying with Jenny. I'll probably post some pictures of the results later on.

And, I dyed a ton of bamboo. Well, not a TON. Maybe a pound? Bamboo drives me crazy - it takes 24 hours to dye, and then like 72 hours to dry.

I'm going to TRY very hard to get in gear and spin spin spin the rest of this week, because I want to be able to keep my shop somewhat full. And my mom is coming to visit the friday after next, so I will be taking an entire week away from the shop - it'd be nice to have some yarns stockpiled so I can still list stuff!


Jacki said...

I had a sheepdog that looked pretty much identical to that yarn. Except dog shaped, you know, not yarn shaped. :) Anyway, the yarn is awesome and can't wait to see the bamboo!

tara said...

I know! Bamboo does take forever! I had been dyeing it with cotton dyes, but the "dyeing guru" at Earth Guild told me that they have found that wool (acid) dyes work best. So now I kettle dye it like wool...and it works great!

Anonymous said...

wow! that yarn looks just like locks lying around. you really kept the character and structure of the lock. really beautiful.