Friday, March 14, 2008


My partner has finally started spinning. He already knew how to spin on a spindle, but he's started using the wheel now:


This skein was actually a collaboration - he wanted me to spin part of it, so I spun one of the singles and he spun the other and plied them together. I let him pick out the colors from my stash of dyed wool - the emerald sparkle puffs were his idea too.


This skein is so much prettier in person! He spun this from a batt he carded (again, stuff he picked from my stash - multicolored wool + bamboo + sparkle) and plied it with some beige thread. His first time plying with thread, awww!

Hopefully he'll keep spinning in his (almost nonexistent) spare time! I haven't decided what to do with these two skeins - I might put them up for sale, or maybe I'll knit something!


liz aka hobbledehoy said...

wow, his skeins are gorgeous! That's great that you've got a set of artsy hands to help out!

Maggie said...

That's awesome! I keep trying to teach my husband to knit so he can do the boring things (endless garter, for instance), but he just isn't into it :)