Thursday, March 6, 2008


I know some of you have been wondering how my patchwork-style yarns knit up. I've been wondering myself! This past week, I've found a couple of examples.



"Treasure" hat knit by jocelyngermany. This was one of my first patchwork yarns, and it's still one of my favorites! I love the way it knit up, and the little pocket on the hat. I'm a big fan of pockets.



This is a pillow-in-progress being knit by Natalie, aka cloudlover69 on etsy. I think a handspun pillow is the best idea ever! As soon as I get the time (so...never) I'm going to knit one for myself.

lavender mitts

And lastly...these fingerless gloves, knit by ME! These were a custom order that I'm really grateful for, because I finally got the chance to sit down and knit with my patchwork yarn! I'll add a picture of the yarn before I knit it if I can find a non-blurry one.


tara said...

Oh my! Those are beautiful!
Do you purposefully make them striping or is that due to the small circumference of the knitted items?

folktale fibers said...

It's just sort of the nature of this type of yarn to knit up into tweedy stripes. I don't know if you can see in the pictures, but a lot of the stripes overlap/blend together, since there are two different colors in each one. Although yes, if they were knitted wider - like a sweater or blanket - they wouldn't look as stripey.

cloudlover said...

I LOVE the patchwork hat! Maybe i should make one of those next... My pillow is almost done, can't wait to start on the other! You can probably knit faster than I can, I'm sure you can squeeze in time for a patchwork pillow :) It really went fast than I thought it would!