Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April Spin-off

Spin-off #3 was at Steph's house this past Sunday. I somehow managed to card up a ton of fiber last week, so I had a bunch of stuff ready to spin, and I cranked out 5 whole skeins!

spin-off yarns

I also brought spinning fuel - which for me means tea, cookies (all whole-grain & mostly organic), and homemade peach lambic beer.

Lots of people were there (at least it seemed like it - way more than the past two spin-offs!), but of course I ended up being the last one to leave. Eventually it got down to just Steph and me, and that's when things got a little crazy. Before that, I was just calmly spinning away, and then after everyone else left, we ended up experimenting and carding (Steph has THREE carders!) and making a big mess and inventing the best thing ever. Here is the only picture I took at the spin-off, in the midst of our carding frenzy:


That's an electric carder! I was endlessly entertained just watching it turn - especially because it spits out a steady rain of glittery angelina and fiber bits off the back as it cards.

I just listed two new novelty skeins that I spun up at the spin-off - I love them both!

nestling handspun

bundle handspun

I came home from Steph's (at like 1 in the morning) with 3 pounds of bamboo, so I'll have more bamboo yarns in the next few weeks. I'm still thinking about starting up a patchwork yarn-of-the-month club - but I prooobably will. Eventually.


ThePaintedTiger said...

Ok, massively jealous here! And curious.....

cloudlover said...

I want to be part of a top-secret woolly discovery!! Looks like SO much fun!

Confections said...

Can't wait to see what you two discovered!

Dragonfly Fiber Designs said...

Gorgeous! When do we learn about the super secret discvery?
It was fun to meet you at the spin-off!