Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The singles from my last post, all plied up with invisible thread + felty baubles:

bobbin 2

I was going to take some creative pictures of levitating felty baubles after I strung them onto the invisible thread, but I got bored quickly and gave up. Plus I didn't want to tangle the thread - invisible thread is reaaally hard to untangle.

Here is a skein of vegan novelty yarn that I just listed on etsy:

castle of ice handspun

It's mostly bamboo, with some sparkle and lots of big slubs of ingeo. I found the ingeo (a fiber made from corn) in the craft store, being sold as eco-friendly fake snow! I've never worked with it before, so I don't know if all ingeo is like this, but from pictures I've seen I'm guessing it's not. This stuff is sort of tangled/teased fiber in a big batt, and it's very fuzzy and springy and almost wool-like in texture. I haven't decided how much I like it yet - but I plan on attempting to dye some of it and maybe carding it into vegan batts and experimenting some more. It's interesting stuff.


Kerry said...

How did you fit the big ole bobble through your flyer hook? Just squeeze it through or did you have to wind it on manually? Things are always getting stuck in my flyer hook, I'm considering taking a pair of pliers to it to widen it.

So happy you have a blog now, btw!

atomHEART said...

Yeah- did you measure your hooks Abby before you made those baubles or what? They look really cool! I want to see something knit with your bobble yarn....maybe a scarfette with a cool button?

folktale fibers said...

Blogspot kind of cut the picture off, if you click on it you can see that the wire loop on the bobbin is pretty big. Some of the baubles were small enough that they just popped through on their own, and the rest just needed a poke or two. They're pretty squishy, so even the big ones made it through!

Haha, I am not together enough to actually make sure things will fit through my orifice/hooks before I start to spin them. There are plenty of times when I start spinning and only realize that it's not going to make it through after I've spun like a third of the yarn.

I might actually keep this yarn to knit up, since after setting the twist I've noticed some of the baubles are a little loose.