Thursday, January 31, 2008


Oopsie. I ran out of dye! This means that I'll only have about 3-4 yarns to list until my new dyes (that I'm about to order tonight) arrive. Oh well. I have some knitting I need to do anyway. Please hurry, UPS!

I listed some new patchwork yarns tonight:

new patchworks

As well as another novelty yarn, but the pictures for that one are so horrible that I'm thinking about putting it in edit mode until I get better ones.

I really want this blog to be more USEFUL to folks and not just about stuff I have for sale. What sort of things would you like to read about? Spinning tips/tutorials? Etsy finds? Fiber artist interviews? Contests?


Maggie said...

Spinning tips would be wonderful! Especially how to produce an not overspun nice single, as I'm struggling with that right now.

Also, the yarn in the lower right corner is just lovely :)

Kerry said...

I'd love to see tutorials or whatever tips and tricks you'd like to share! Maybe carding and dyeing techniques too.

But I also just love seeing what you've done recently, so I'm happy no matter what!

cheryl said...

Oohh!! Spinning and dyeing is what I'd love to see you talk more about... I'd love to see your set up and some of the process work.

Well, there's my two cents!