Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SO! Last Sunday, I got to hang out with Molly of mollymillerbyappt. She first contacted me about getting together ages ago, but she planned a big spin-off for last weekend and invited several etsy spinners. Except somehow, I was the only one who made it! But it was a blast - we shared fiber, tried out each other's wheels (she has a Babe production), spun some crazy yarns, and best of all - I got to see her gorgeous, amazing, words-do-not-describe collection of handknit scarves (and a few other things) made from yarn spun by the most famous and talented etsy spinners. Including hobbledehoy, luxe, wooldancer, feltstudiouk, and I'm pleased to say there were a few of mine in there as well. I saw the Riverstone scarf with the felty baubles from my customer appreciation post, and I gotta say, that picture does NOT do it justice. At all. I mean, I spun the yarn and I was sitting there petting it in amazement! I also taught Molly how to make felty baubles, and she emailed me and said she made about 150 of them already! Yes, they are addicting.

I am very proud of myself because I just updated my shop for the second day in a row, PLUS I have yarns (patchwork + 1 or 2 novelty) for an update tomorrow too! Yay productivity! Here's what I listed today (the yarns from yesterday already sold):

spectra v2

Spectra V2 - I was asked to spin a repeat of my Spectra yarn, and since it's two different colorways plied together, it was easier for me to spin two skeins than one. The extra one is up for grabs in my shop.

green and speckled frog handspun

Green And Speckled Frog - Soft & pretty organic cotton. I won't mind at all if this one doesn't sell! I keep looking at it and thinking I might keep it, so I need to go hide it in my etsy yarn box.

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