Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shop Update + Customer Appreciation

I wanted to share a couple things that were made with my yarn by other etsyians:

A crochet & felted headband with a pretty tree applique made from my Laura self-striping yarn by Raimbowtree.

A scarf knit from my Candy Mountain yarn (with felty baubles!) by Molly Miller.

And, a knit & felted bag made from my Clara self-striping yarn by myfinn.

All of these are for sale on etsy!

I also managed to update my shop today! Three new yarns are up, and I still have two to list later on tonight. I'm saving the best for last! Sneak preview:

seafoam handspun

fence sitter handspun


Maggie said...

Love that scarf with the baubles, and your Fence Sitter yarn. :)

Jacki said...

Everything in this post is awesome, but I especially love the headband. So cute and so creative! Props to Laura!

SILVER SUN said...

Found your blog address at Fiberfriday.
Love all your spined yarn.
I have added your blog address to my blog.
Have a nice weekend