Monday, December 31, 2007

Wheel love

For some reason, I've never actually taken a picture of either of my wheels before. So here it is, my first ever bobbin shot:


And a very familiar view:

the view

I think I might have thought up a name for this wheel (a Lendrum DT). But I'm not completely sure yet. I loooooove being able to switch between the normal & bulky flyers, and the bulky flyer is just a dream come true. My last wheel was an Ashford Traditional, and since I didn't ever get around to getting a bulky flyer for it, I had to cope with the teensy bobbins. All my skeins in my etsy shop are about twice the size they used to be! And sometimes twice as bulky, thanks to the nice big orifice.


Anonymous said...

Abby-funny you post this as my ol' Ashford was letting me down today w/out the right flyer and those damn narrow little hooks....ugh.
I went to my spindle (which is a good thing) but like the look of your wheel, how nice to have the right tools for the job, eh?

Whisp3rd said...

Is this your own handcarded? or is it bought from someone else? The colors remind of Hobbledehoy's batts.

folktale fibers said...

eva - Yeah, I just read! Ashford flyers/orifices suck for art yarns. Another good thing about the Lendrum is the lack of hooks on the flyer. There aren't any hooks at all, just two wide wire hoops that are easy to poke big stuff through. The yarn you made is gorgeous, though!

whisp3rd - it's my own handcarded. I have been eyeing up Hobbledehoy's batts lately, but I gotta pay rent first!

atomHEART said...

Yeah, maybe if I let me son thrash my Ashford some more I can get a Lendrum. :) No, I love the ol' Ashford but the hooks and orfice do suck.
I saw the way the loops look on the Lendrum, totally set up for big Pluckyfluff style art the versatility. Off to go drool over Lendrums...

toadbriar said...

followed your flickr link :)
I am jealous of this view, I've been doing a lot of other work and am missing spinning. I just bought an old Ashford Traditional - my first wooden wheel after 2 years with a Babe! I work fine though (makin mostly small scale stuff) so it's alright.