Thursday, December 27, 2007


I'm starting to recover from the holidays and get back into the swing of things. I got the most adorable fabric in the mail yesterday:

organic sheeps

It says "organic sheeps"!!! It was love at first sight. I bought it from sakurafabric on etsy. I dunno what I'm going to make with it yet - a bag? A skirt?

I spun up my cocoa-inspired yarn with the white marshmallow felty baubles, but there was a slight disaster - there is a ton of soysilk in this skein, and I forgot that whenever I set the twist on soysilk, tons and tons of dye ends up in the water and I have to rinse it forever. So when I set the twist on this yarn, the brown dye in the soysilk sort of dyed the white baubles to a pale tan. Whoops! Oh well, it still looks good. Maybe it'll be a chocolate truffle yarn instead.

cocoa yarn

I'm trying to spin lots of yarn to keep the shop full. I managed to spin a few vegan skeins!


The shiny one in the front is bamboo, and behind it is bulky organic cotton with sections of bamboo. This is the last of my organic cotton, but I'm planning on buying some more very soon. I want to make a cotton-spinning tutorial for both the spinning wheel & drop spindle, since there isn't all that much how-to information on it.

Okay, back to the wheel! If it's sunny out tomorrow I'll be updating the shop, finally.


atomHEART said...

I like the baubles tan vs white.....they look like whip cream floating on chai....mmmm

folktale fibers said...

I think I like them better this way too - the colors are more inviting & less stark. Even if they don't resemble marshmallows quite as much anymore.

atomHEART said...

What ya gonna make with it?? A felty bauble chai hat? I want some chai. :)

folktale fibers said...

I dunno. I'd like to make a hat, but I'm worried that it'd turn out looking strange because of the baubles. Maybe I'll test it out and see how it goes. I really need to get some knitting done, since I'm supposed to be working on a handspun zine with patterns.