Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Go go go

I love being productive! Sure, my etsy shop is quiet (and nearly empty, eep!), but I've been making lots of things. Here are a few glimpses at what I'm working on:

doodles and leaves

I drew out some new tags for my handspun, plus some other business-related images, and today I just got an idea for a screenprinted shirt/patch, so I'll be drawing some more! I still need to make special tags for my batts, vegan yarns, and self-striping yarns. And also some more felted & embroidered leaves. Yep, I'm still spinning leafy yarns.

self-striping handspuns

A pile of self-striping yarns for the craft show. I've almost reached my self-striping yarn quota for craft show #1! Not that that's a huge accomplishment, because I still have plenty of patchwork yarns, novelty yarns, and vegan yarns to spin. Not to mention I want to have some knitted stuff for sale. Oh, and then I need to do it all over again for craft show #2! Did I mention that they're only a week apart?

self-striping handspun larvae

Aaand, a big humungous self-striping yarn custom order. These are the balls of roving all dyed up and ready to be pre-drafted. I'm done with the dyeing, so I'll probably start spinning them up tomorrow.

So, things might be quiet around here for a while! I'm hoping to have some yarns to list on etsy Thursday, or this weekend at the latest.


liz aka hobbledehoy said...

beeeeautiful! I love your hang-tag design, it's so darling! I just ventured into spinning a couple self-striping yarns, it's more fun than I expected!

folktale fibers said...

Thanks! Self-striping yarns are addicting, I must say.

I forgot to add to my list of things I'm working on: a swap/birthday package for someone *cough*Liz*cough*. I have it about halfway done, and I'm going to try to get it out of here by the end of the week!

fallingblue said...

Those leaves are darling! I bet you could sell them and other similar yarn add-ins like them on Etsy.