Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The book came!

I think it got here a few days ago, and I've been pouring over it ever since. My mom got a copy of it too, and she called me to tell me how much she liked it. I spun her some self-striping yarn in blues (her favorite color) for her birthday last fall so she could knit the mittens from the book when it came out. Here are the photos of the pages with my yarns (pg. 88 & 100):



I'm planning on knitting the bonnet for myself!

Today I'm spinning up some vegan yarn from these beautiful batts:

marigold batts

I wanted to make my own vegan fiber blends, since they're usually expensive to buy in roving form when they're made with organic cotton, so I carded up these batts from 50% organic cotton and 50% bamboo and then hand-painted them. I have 2oz in pale yellows & green and 2oz in pale orange, yellow, green, and pink, so I'm planning on plying them together. I love how they're spinning up so far! The picture doesn't show it well, but the matte cotton and the shiny bamboo are all swirled together - lovely! These blends are time-consuming to make, since it takes several passes through the carder to get them well blended and smooth, but I might make some more to spin some single ply yarns from.

marigold yarn

I also started crocheting a market bag from hemp twine today, using this pattern. I was going to buy a bunch of hemp yarn, but I decided to just use the cord I had on hand. It's stiff, and I sort of have to wrestle with it, but this bag should last forever! Our local farmers market starts next Thursday (I think), I'm so excited! It's literally right outside our apartment, maybe a block away.

hemp market bag


cosymakes said...

so glad you like it :D

Maggie said...

Congratulations on being in the book!

So, you made the batts, then painted them? I guess you can do that with plant fibres! They look so pretty.

I'm suddenly in the mood to do some serious carding.

folktale fibers said...

Thanks! Cosy, you did an amazing job on the book!

Yep, I dyed the batts after I carded them. I figured they'd be okay since there's no heat/agitation involved in dyeing cellulose fibers. And I really like the way the colors are spinning up!

Jacki said...

Congrats on the book! The batts look delicious. :)

Skarph said...

I've been following the book progress over at Cosy's blog, and I just found yours via the Fiber Fridays thread at Etsy. Congrats! I know I was drooling over that bonnet. :) Lovely fiber!

cloudlover said...

Congrats on the book! I've ordered it; looks like it's full of the kind of projects I have the patience for, plus ideas on how to use all the handspun I've bought from you :)