Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It's so very dark outside right now, it barely even looks like daytime. So cloudy! Which means that I probably won't really be able to update the shop today, since I can't take good pictures. I woke up this morning to a COMPLETELY EMPTY shop! Eep!! So I really badly need to update very soon. I have a pile of yarn that's been collecting, but I need to stockpile for the two shows I'm doing in June.

This past Sunday, I got together with Molly, Steph, and Carissa to dye bamboo, a super secret process. (Not really). Molly took pictures, so I'll link to them as soon as they're up! I'm rinsing all my dyed bamboo & organic cotton right now, so I'll be spinning that up as soon as it's dry. I also have a bunch of fun organic cotton yarns that I need to take pictures of to show you guys! I just spun my first 100% organic cotton patchwork yarn last week! It's so fluffy and soft, and perfect for summer knitting!

Wow, the skies just opened up, and it's pouring rain like mad right now! So much for that walk to the post office - I guess I'll try to grab a ride there tomorrow morning. Back to work for me! I'll leave you with this picture of some colorgrown (undyed) organic green cotton yarn that I spun recently:

colorgrown cotton

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