Friday, March 8, 2013


It may seem premature, with bits of snow still lingering here and there, but spring is definitely here. Here's how I know:

My first kid of the year has arrived, a sweet little blue-eyed doeling.

Other signs of spring include: a yard covered in crocuses, planning fleece-buying trips to local farms, and the sudden crushing realization that I have one million things to get done, now. The rest of this month will be an absolute whirlwind as I finish getting ready for the Homespun Yarn Party, wait for Lilly to have her kids, and try to prepare to start the many farm projects that have been waiting for warmer weather.

I just listed some patchwork yarns in the shop - BFL, cormo, and four skeins of a dreamy recycled merino/cashmere/silk blend that I carded into fluffy batts before dyeing and spinning. I may squeeze a few more skeins in tomorrow morning, but there will probably only be one more mini update before Homespun Yarn Party on march 24th, and I may end up putting my shop on vacation before that. There will be more patchwork yarns (I can't wait to get to spinning more of the recycled cashmere blend and the local cormo wool), new colorways, and hopefully a LOT of new goats milk soaps coming to the shop in late march/early april!

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Shenoka said...

Congratulations on the doeling!