Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well, hello!

We weren't expecting any baby goats to be born for at least another few weeks to a month, and I had just checked out the pregnant girls while clipping hooves and decided that none of them looked ready to go yet, so I was very surprised to walk out to the barn on friday to find this:

I hadn't built the kidding stalls yet (I was planning on building them this week), but the other goats were all giving Cowalick her space and she was by herself in a corner, calmly cleaning off her kids. She had a boy and a girl, but the boy didn't make it. I'm glad that I happened to go to the barn a bit earlier than usual, because it's entirely possible that if I had gone an hour later I would have found him dead and always wondered if I could have saved him had I found him earlier. We took him to the vet, and sadly they said there was nothing they could do. Luckily my friend Josie and her aunt were visiting that day, otherwise I can't imagine how panicked and scared I would have felt, but I'm very good at being calm under stress when there are other people around. What a day for them to pick to visit the goats!

I threw together a quick little stall for mom and baby to hang out in until I get the official stalls built. After suddenly losing one baby, I was very worried about this little girl and drove Cowalick crazy because I checked on them every hour or two all night long the first night. I don't have any real reason to worry, and this little doeling looked much better than her brother from the start and is giving every indication of being a perfectly healthy baby goat, but so many things can go wrong with babies and she's my first! She seemed warm enough friday night, but I wanted to make sure, so I knit a tiny little wool sweater for her:

She is so magical and perfect and sweet!

Here's a little video of her trying to figure out what her mom is eating:


The Goatherd said...

Yay Abby!!
So glad that you have had a kid. It is really overwhelming each and everytime. I'm sorry that you lost one! It is always heartbreaking to have that happen.

Sarah said...

I do believe I will call her Princess Snuffles. Regardless of what you name her.

I'm so sorry to hear about the boy. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that sweet baby just brightened a very difficult day...she's awesome! I cannot wait to get our goats in the springtime!

cosymakes said...

love her coloring! so fun.