Saturday, March 20, 2010

Homespun Yarn Party tomorrow!

I'll be vending at the Homespun Yarn Party in Savage, MD tomorrow - this is my second year selling there, and last year was awesome so I'm even more excited for this year. Lots and lots of local fiber people will be there, plus my favorite soap maker. HYP is located in the historic Savage Mill, which used to be a fiber mill but is now full of shops & restaurants.

I will be debuting some naturally plant-dyed combed top for sale tomorrow. I have naturally dyed yarn, too, a bulky wool/mohair blend. I'm so very happy with how it turned out:

And I am most especially happy with the greens. Green is my favorite color, and I have never before managed to so successfully dye such pretty shades of green with natural dyes.

In fact, I'm keeping this one (there are multiple chains of this colorway + a few others). And I'm kind of hoping the rest don't sell...

Another thing I'm happy about are my local fiber corespun yarns, spun from local kid mohair, local merino, and organic local blue faced leicester/border leicester wool, all processed by me from raw fleeces.

I have one really pretty tailspun skein, organic local bfl/border leicester from a sheep named Hadley.

Aaand, lots of other novelty yarns. Leafy yarns, several skeins of the cherry blossom yarn from my last post, patchwork yarns, a bunch of yarnbow self-striping skeins, and one yarn that incorporates plush stars hand dyed & handsewn by me from a recycled wool/angora blend sweater.

My only problem will be trying to fit everything on the table!


Elva Undine said...

What a lovely spread! Your customers are going to be beside themselves. ✩

Sarah said...

Your stuff at the party was AMAZING. I bought some of the leafy yarn and a skein of the cherry blossom. Do you think you'll ever have any more of the cherry blossom yarn? I want to make a shawl from it.

Dag said...

hi there, just found you through doodles on ravelry--- gorgeous yarns! --- i wish i had known you before i moved from germantown (nest door to you!!) to new mexico...! so where do you shop for fibers?? i used to go to michelle reilly up north, you must know dalis of dancing leaf farm and her neighbor annie... anything new in the area?? - i love new mexico, but i teribly miss mswf..
best wishes to you!