Thursday, October 1, 2009

See you this saturday!

Here's my last little preview of my wares for Crafty Bastards! The show is this saturday, October 3rd, 10am-5pm, at the Marie Reed Learning Center at 18th & Wyoming in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. I'll be in booth #2 along with Molly Miller by Appointment.

Sheepy Sachets - these are hand sewn and stuffed with organic herbs blended by me, either lavender & rosemary or peppermint & eucalyptus.

A small army of Yarnbow skeins...I'll have quite a few of these, all from the same dyelot. They each have 32 different hand-dyed colors and self-stripe with no repeats.

Tailspun organic local border leicester locks from a sheep named Barley:

One of my favorites! This is called Kite Flying, and it's a blend of local cormo wool and merino x rescue wool, with puffy coils of white angora bunny fluff and tons of little kite-tail bowties of recycled sari silk fabric.

A sampling of some of the corespun local kid mohair yarns I'll have available:

And, a selection of wooly patchwork yarns (I also have some in organic cotton). These are almost all spun from local small farm roving:

Crafty Bastards is my favorite craft show of the year. I'm planning on stocking up on Biggs & Featherbelle soap (if I can find time to run to their booth). I'd also really love a hat from Rocks and Salt, and to take a peek at Maryink, but I doubt I'll be able to leave the booth long enough to actually shop. Crafty Bastards is so great...what other craft show has both a breakdance battle and a bike valet service?


WingedStrategos said...

Those pillows are really cute and I love the yarn.

Good luck at the show.

Stefania said...

those striping ones are awesome! How much care in dyeing you must have had!!!

Anonymous said...

I bought a skein of yarnbow and already made a scarf out of it... I was too excited to see how the stripes would turn out. Your yarn is so awesome!!