Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Home, New Yarns

We're finally done moving...at least the actual moving part, I have a feeling it'll be a while before we're done organizing. I'm still working on setting up my fiber & dye room. Unfortunately I somehow ended up getting a bad case of bronchitis/pneumonia in the last few days of moving, which were of course the most intense. The last time I was this sick (ages ago) I ended up in the hospital, but luckily I managed to pull through and get better with just the help of my own herbal remedies.

Speaking of herbs, a little bright spot in the midst of the moving craziness:


My calendula finally flowered! I was beginning to think they never would. I grew these from seed and am rather fond of them. I put all my potted herbs out in the backyard of our new place, but apparently rabbits really like calendula, because when I checked on them a day later, one of the bunnies that frequent the yard had gnawed the plants off at the base of the stem! I was worried, but as shown in the last photo of the mosaic, the plants are already springing back.

I also celebrated our new backyard with a new plant, found at a local farmers market:

bee balm

Bee Balm! Also known as Oswego Tea & Bergamot. It used to grow wild where we lived down in north carolina, and the bright red blooms always made me so happy. It's both medicinal and edible - it has a nice flavor and I used to chop it up and add it into my homemade cheese.

I've been slowly arranging my fibery things and getting some spinning done, and I re-opened my etsy shop today! Here's a peek at some of the new yarns:

new yarn mosaic

Also waiting to be photographed are several colorways of organic cotton & wool patchwork yarns, some yarnbow self-striping skeins, and some yummy novelty yarns spun from super soft (cormo & merino x) local & rescue farm wools. AND I'm getting ready to list some spinning fibers in the near future, including some organic local wool locks and some super soft loose hemp dyed in rainbow colors.


Stefania said...

New home, new life, how exciting though tiring it must be!
Anyhow welcome back, I reopened my Etsy shop today too, so what a coincidence...

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

Loving your yarns! Linked you to Fiber Arts Friday to share your lovely post.

eve said...

Wow Abby,

it has been so long since i checked your blog. but i have to say, you are my favorite spinning artist girl. the colorways and the the textures to the additions. you are an inspiration and i wish you were in california!

xo eva