Monday, May 11, 2009

Old Cabin & New Yarns

We've been looking for places in this area to buy that have at least a few acres, and this past weekend we drove out to see the most interesting one. It's an old cabin that was built sometime around 1850! The realtor was great, he actually seemed to know a lot about it and explained how they dated the cabin & some of the interesting bits about it. The beams and the floor boards on the upper level are all hand-hewn, and the beams are american chestnut.

This is the only non-blurry photo I have of the inside, although we took a lot of pictures. This is the second floor. It was originally shorter, which is why the beams only come partway up. The bottom floor is set up for a wood stove, with a beautiful rock chimney. The chimney runs up through the entire cabin, but it's made of brick on the upper levels.

I think this place is amazing, and it's priced so that you're really only buying the land, but it would take SO much work to be able to live in it that I don't see it happening right now. Although that hasn't stopped me from daydreaming about it. It comes with about 2 acres, an old barn, and a wellhouse with a well & pump.

Also. I will be updating my etsy shop with at least 4 new yarns today, with another update tomorrow. Here's a preview of the yarns going up today:

I will be leaving for two weeks (May 14th - 29th) this Thursday, and I haven't yet decided whether to close my shop or just bring my yarns with me. But I'm looking forward to getting some knitting done on the 24hr+ train ride!


Mia said...

That cabin looks lovely. It is doable though. You could always work on the house a bit at a time. The land will only keep going up in value.

folktale fibers said...

It's *way* worse than it looks in the pictures - we'd have to rip out and rebuild everything except for the beams, and it doesn't have a bathroom or a kitchen/pantry. It's still an option, but we're going to look at some other places with more land.

The Hatdiva said...

Get a cheap single wide mobile home, live in it....and work on the cabin. Then either keep the mobile as a studio, or sell it! Older single wides are super affordable.

The cabin pictures had me thinking! I love a challenge. We bought a 650 sq ft house on 5/8 of an acre that was ramshackle, not lived in for 5 years. We bought it for $38k, and made it livable, after much work. So worth it!