Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Schedule

First off, I wanted to announce my next craft show:

It's going to be a small, fun show, the last one I'm planning on doing for a few months! I won't be listing very much in my etsy shop until the show is over. Right after the show, I'm going to be leaving to visit family in WI for about a month. I'll be taking my yarns & a bunch of fiber with me, so I'll still have my shop open. Since I only have a Ashford Traditional with smallish bobbins up there, I'm planning on spinning up TONS of singles for patchwork yarns, and then when I get back to my Lendrum I'll ply them all. So sometime in early to mid-january, I plan on unleashing a barrage of patchwork yarns (both wooly and vegan) into my etsy shop. And I'm making an effort to come up with new colorways! I've been getting lots and lots of custom patchwork requests, but I don't have the time to spin them all before my show, so right now what I'm telling people is that if you have a specific patchwork colorway in mind, you can let me know and if I end up working it into my spinning schedule, I'll convo or email you to give you first dibs on the yarn before I list it. That's the best I can do for now - my custom patchwork yarn listing won't be going back up in the shop until mid-January at the earliest.

I'm really looking forward to seeing friends & family & spinning somewhere other than my tiny apartment, but I have a mountain of work to do before that happens, so I'm off to multitask like crazy in the hopes of getting lots done today!


Natalie said...

Where oh where does your family live in Wisconsin? I live in Wisconsin!
Have I commented here before? I think I have, but if not, I am delurking. I loooove your work. I believe we have interacted on fiber friday, too. I aspire to spin for a living someday, so I am totally in awe of you.

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi, just found your lovely blog. I so enjoyed looking at your beautiful yarns. I love the colors and textures! So very pretty! blessings, Kathleen

folktale fibers said...

Natalie - My family is in Milwaukee - that's where I grew up!

Thank you both for the compliments!