Friday, June 27, 2008


Tomorrow is the Crafty Bastards show in Silver Spring! I'm finishing up the last of my packing right now before I go to bed, which for me means making iced organic green chai tea with almond milk (my new obsession) and baking some whole wheat pita chips to go with my hummus for lunch tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous!! I feel so inexperienced & unprepared when it comes to craft shows...this is only my second official show.

I'll be at booth #64 (you can see the map here), so stop by if you're in the area and say hi. I was planning on bringing my wheel, but now I probably won't because it looks like there might be some rain and I don't want to risk it. There's going to be so much fun stuff going bands, food, supply swaps, plus inside the pyramid atlantic building there will be workshops! If you can't come but want to follow along from afar, the Crafty Bastards organizers have said they'll be posting little blurbs on their twitter all day long.

I'm going to try to take pictures this time. I'll have a few fun things that I didn't have last weekend, like "pick your own" felty baubles and handdyed vegan (organic cotton/bamboo) commercially spun yarns in fairytale-inspired colorways.

Oh, and if you're interested you can read my interview for the Crafty Bastards blog. I put off answering the questions until the absolute last minute, because I also feel so self-conscious/dorky!

I'll leave you with some pictures of my current dyed vegan fiber stash (you can click on them to go to the flickr page for more details)...this is what I'll be dreaming of during slow times at the fair:

vegan fiber stash

Although really I can't start spinning it until I get all my current wholesale & custom orders done. But I can dream.


Karolion said...

I just finished a hat from your self striping yarn that I got from you at the pile of craft thing. It's AMAZING! Will you be putting up more yarn on your etsy soon? And do you have a flickr group where people post your yarn knit up? I'd be happy to add pictures to it if there is :)

cosymakes said...

best wishes at the fair!! no worries about being such a beginner, we're all there at some time.

Annie10 said...

Good luck on today's show! I'm sure you'll do great. Your things practically sell themslves, they're so gorgeous! And if you do start a flikr group for things knit up with your yarns, please tell, I'll add the mittens and scarflette I made. Got a recipe for that iced green chai?

folktale fibers said...

Thanks, everyone! I always get over my nerves once I'm there and my stuff is set up, but I get so very nervous beforehand, it drives me nuts. And Cosy, your comment was really good to hear, because I do worry about being a beginner...but everyone has been so nice about it.

I'm planning on starting a flickr group soon (maybe later today) - I'll post a link on my blog and send out invites when I do!