Tuesday, February 12, 2008


That dye draught really threw me off! I had to treadle my heart out yesterday to have something to put in the shop today, and I still only finished 3 patchwork skeins. Here they are:

new patchworks

The one on the top is my favorite from this batch - and I'll be spinning up another identical skein of that one today. The light is horrible for taking pictures today (it's really really overcast), but I'm still going to try to get semi-decent ones.

I've been enjoying my brand new batch of dyes, and I still haven't worked my way through all the fiber I dyed up on Friday & Saturday:

patchwork fiber

So...I plan on spinning at least 2 more patchwork yarns today, and hopefully at least one novelty skein as well. Which means I should have another shop update tomorrow! I'm trying to spin as much as possible this week, because next week I might be taking a trip down to NC to visit friends & hang out in the woods for a few days.

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