Thursday, April 30, 2015

Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest 2015!!

I just found out a few weeks ago that I got a booth at this years MDSW festival. I'm still in the midst of a whirlwind of fiber and preparation, and it hasn't really entirely hit me yet that it's real, but I will be there this weekend! In booth B26 in the main barn. I will have lots of goodies from A Little Teapot Designs, including her handspun hand dyed wool and silk necklaces:

Goat milk soaps made from scratch with all-natural ingredients, using milk from my own little goat herd:

Some handspun yarn, not even close to as much as I would like due to time constraints:

Lots of fiber! So much fiber. I normally don't sell fiber because my feeling is that if I'm going to do the work of washing, dyeing, and prepping, then I want to be the one who gets to spin it. But I just don't have time to spin everything, so I will have undyed combed top, little bits of fun add-ins like sari silk and angora bunny fluff, my hand dyed 32-color Yarnbow colorway dyed on minimally processed merino x wool, and the best part: Spin Your Own Adventure packs of loose locks and fiber. This is basically the base for most of my yarns, I pull together collections of colors and textures that I feel look good together and then card them into batts or just fluff them open and spin. They might contain combed top, carded roving, bits of batts, loose wool locks, mohair curls, tussah silk top, silk noil, recycled sari silk threads, banana fiber, bamboo, hand dyed firestar sparkle, angelina, angora bunny fluff, and a few other tidbits and surprises like some amazing llama locks and felt pieces.

Oh, and a few sheep portrait necklaces, needle-felted from local wool locks and embroidered on a background of hand dyed wool felt.